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One of the Arts Council main aims is to improve the quality of life through the development of the arts. We believe it is our duty to assist arts projects or training within the community in any way that we can. One of the ways that we do this is by offering advice and information, ranging from advice on running events to information about qualifications or initiatives available in the community.

Our Arts Officers will attempt to assist you in any way possible with the resources available to them; however there may be some areas where they may not have enough information to advice you confidently. When this occurs you will either be referred to one of our Council Members who may be better informed or someone in the artistic community with expertise in that area.

If you wish to seek any advice or information please feel free to contact us either through the details provided or by filling out an enquiry form, both of which can be found on the Contact page.

The documents below offer useful links and guidance on seeking alternative sources of funding for those wishing to study the arts. Also linked below is a guide for parents choosing a performing arts school for their child to attend.


Guide to choosing a performing arts school

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