Applying for Funding

Katy Mitchell Ceramics Photo by Mike Radcliffe

The Arts Council places high priority on the work it does in developing the arts within the community. We feel strongly that the development of the arts will help improve the quality of life for the local community and increase development of life skills for those participants. 

To assist with the development of the arts, the Arts Council's main focus is to support and encourage everyone involved in the arts to develop and expand their activities by providing as much assistance as possible, whether it be advisory or financial.

To apply for funding from the Arts Council please fill in the appropriate form from the document links below and return it to the address stated on the form. If you are struggling to decide which type of funding to apply for, please contact the office. Contact details can be found below. Why not also take a look at our Funding Guidance Notes for further information. Following completion of the activity being funded, an End of Project Monitoring Report must also be completed. This should be sent to the same address.

Grant Bursary Application Form

Underwriting Forms

End of Project Monitoring Form

The Arts Council's logo should be used in all acknowledgements in publications where possible. The black and white version of the logo can be used when colour logo conflicts with the background. When using the logo the Arts Council's brand guidelines must be adhered to at all times. The alternative versions of our logo shown in the brand guidleines can be provided upon request.

A schedule of Arts Council meetings and application deadline dates is available here.

For further information contact us on (01624) 694598 or email

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