Image: Dark Horse Festival, Thomas Walmsley Photography.

Our Underwriting Award

Underwriting is a guarantee against loss for a ticketed event. The Isle of Man Arts Council supports artists looking to put on events that enable the community to participate as audience members or develop artistic skills through workshops. This may be music, visual art, film, theatre, dance, spoken or written word etc. that inspires, entertains and engages a wide-ranging audience.

We believe that by supporting groups and individuals, our underwriting award can benefit our community and promote engagement in the arts in the following ways:

1. By supporting workshops that make the arts accessible to a wide-ranging audience (i.e. anyone can have a go).

2. By supporting organisers to put on large scale events that inspire and engage audience members.

Our underwriting exists to support individuals and organisations in their pursuit of either and both of these aims.

We’d love to hear from artists about projects that support our National Strategy Goals (available to read here). The Council particularly welcomes proposals that bring the arts into the community in an engaging and innovative way.

Manx Lit Fest
Manx LitFest is an annual event which takes place in September and is supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council.

Before Applying

Before you start, please carefully read through our Terms and Conditions and Funding Guidelines (available to download here) before you fill in the application, as it offers useful guidance on the type of information we need from you to be able to fairly assess your application. The guidelines should also answer any questions you have about the funding process and how we make our decisions. You may wish to set aside at least 30 minutes to complete the application form. 

You may also wish to read these useful articles aimed to help you build the strongest application you can on our Funding Tips page:

Tips for a first time applicant
What are supporting documents?
Match your application to our National Strategy For Culture and the Arts

IOM Cyclefest received support for their Flo Stage in 2017 + 2018.

Arts Council Funding Meetings: dates and deadlines

Grant applications will be considered at quarterly meetings on the following dates:

Friday 8th February (final deadline for all submissions 23rd January)
Friday 3rd May (final deadline for all submissions 17th April)
Friday 2nd August (final deadline for submissions 17th July)
Friday 8th November (final deadline for all submissions 23rd October)

How to apply

To apply for our grant funding please fill out our online application form. Please note that you will not be able to submit your application form until you have provided all the necessary information that is required. Please refer back to our ‘Before Applying’ section to review what you’ll need before you start the application.

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