frequent asked questions

Do you fund retrospectively?

No, the Council do not fund projects retrospectively. It is best to ensure that you apply well before the deadline. The deadlines for our 2019 meetings are: 

Friday 8th February (final deadline for all submissions 23rd January)
Friday 3rd May (final deadline for all submissions 17th April)
Friday 2nd August (final deadline for submissions 17th July)
Friday 8th November (final deadline for all submissions 23rd October)

Am I eligible for funding?

If your project relates to the arts in any way and if you or your project links to the Isle of Man in any way then you are eligible for funding.

To find out what kind of funding is right for you see our Apply for Funding pages.

You can also read our Joint National Strategy for Culture and the Arts to find out what ways your project can help us meet our goals.

Can you promote my event?

Yes, if you need help to promote your arts related project or event then there are many ways that we could help.

We can include a link to your event on our monthly What's On Guide which goes out in our monthly newsletter.

You can join our Facebook community group, IOM Arts Council - What's On Where to post pictures, posters and information about your event.

If you can write us a press release and provide us with high quality images then we can publish your article on our website and share through our social media. 

To send or find out information about all of these things, please contact iomartscouncil@gov.im

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