Goodbye, Wallabies!

Wallaby Auction
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Wallabies Gone Wild Art Trail

Over the summer the island has welcomed over 40 fibreglass wallabies in a variety of colours and designs by local artists as well as creators from further afield. In partnership with Hospice Isle of Man and a whole host of other local businesses and organisations, the Wild in Art project has been a great success on the island. We’ve seen them dotted about at various points of interest from public heritage sites to scenic picnic spots and it’s fair to say they have caused quite the buzz amongst residents and visitors young and old alike.

Our Support

The Isle of Man Arts Council have been proud to support three wallaby designs for the Wallabies Gone Wild project. The designs have been created by local artists Eve Adams, Anna Clucas and Debra Tracey Carney.

Our support has also contributed to the production of the Souvenir Guide and a Virtual Reality Project that has enabled less mobile members of the community to access the art trail in a virtual capacity.

The Isle of Man Arts Council has been delighted to support the Hospice Wild in Art project this year.  The magnificent public appreciation and enjoyment of the wallaby art trail has been proof of the power of art in the community providing us all with a sense of place and adding to our wellbeing over the summer months.  We are extremely proud of our artists – Debra Tracey Carney, Eve Adams and Anna Clucas – who worked so hard to design three beautiful and popular wallabies, and it was fitting that the wallabies were so successfully purchased at the auction.  We are certain the legacy of the wallabies will be seen for many years to come, and look forward to the development of more public art in the future.

- Jane Corkill, Arts Development Manager

The Auction

On Thursday 26th September, it was time for these wallabies to say goodbye to their temporary homes across the island and gather together at the Villa Marina for the much anticipated auction. Over 250k was raised for Hospice Isle of Man on the night with bids being offered from a whole host of individuals and businesses.

How our Wallabies did

Teeval, Princess of the Sea
Artist : Anna Clucas
Winning Bid: £3,600

I felt quite overwhelmed with excitement, but also sadness. It is the first time I have ever felt upset about a piece of my art being sold. I feel that the wallaby trail was a great success though, and I am so happy to see that hospice have been extremely successful in their fundraising. It has been fantastic to be a part of it all, and I am grateful to you all for giving me the opportunity.

- Anna Clucas

Archie Knots
Artist : Debra Tracey
Winning Bid: £19,300

The  auctioneer was very entertaining and built the anticipation well for everyone. I was excited for everyone’s wallabies and was so delighted when they sold. For Archie, I can honestly say my heart was pounding - probably the most exciting ten minutes ever! I couldn’t believe how much people were bidding.

I really cannot thank Hospice enough for how they took care of my mum and I know £19,300 pays less than two days to keep the whole place running but I truly feel that Archie has helped repay a little bit back.

Thank you, Arts Council so much for believing in me.

- Debra Tracey-Carney

Myn'changaroo Ferrishyn
Artist : Eve Adams
Winning Bid: £5,200

The auction proved to be an exhilarating climax to the wonderful wallabies project, what an evening! All bids going well beyond the top estimates and an incredible amount raised for Hospice IOM. I'm so proud to have been part of such an amazing project, and even more proud to have created something that my local community fell in love with - I was surprised and overwhelmed by the creation of an online community fundraiser to try and buy Myn'changeroo Ferrishyn and keep him in Castletown, even more so when it raised an unbelievable 2.8k! Unfortunately we were outbid in a matter of seconds with my wallaby selling for an astonishing 5.2k! Proud, shocked & amazed - what an emotion rollercoaster this project has been, thanks so much to the Arts council for making the journey possible!

- Eve Adams

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