Manx Arts Development establishes new government staff choir initiative

Government Staff Choir Initiative
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In partnership with the Government Occupational Health Service, Manx Arts Development has established a new Government staff choir initiative that hopes to promote the benefits of singing to our wellbeing in a fun and sociable environment.

Singing has been known to have a large number of positive effects on both physical and emotional wellbeing from improving circulation to reducing stress. The choir, led by Mandy Griffin and accompanied by David Holland, is a pilot initiative that hopes to expand into all departments of governments.

The choir meets every Tuesday and had its first rehearsal on November 11th. They will also be performing a Christmas concert at Noble's Hospital on Tuesday 22nd December from 12pm to 2pm. The concert will consist of a mixture of carols and other well-known Christmas songs including Let it Snow! and Jingle Bells.

More known benefits of sing can be found here.

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