Lockdown film by local filmmakers

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Funded by Isle of Man Arts Council’s Covid-19 Resilience Fund, Dark Avenue Film’s new project will adhere to our previous lockdown restrictions by shooting a whole short film remotely. This means that their actor Freya Kingsley is filming everything herself, at home!

The film aims to capture the moment of lockdown when the script was written - when we were all used to the restrictions, but then the prospect of them lifting emerged - from the perspective of a new mother. She has had more time with her child than she expected, but now faces returning to work as a freelancer, where there may not be any work for her.

Both the filmmakers and Freya are very excited to get filming. They will be documenting their progress with behind the scenes videos on their social media pages so that other filmmakers can learn as they do, and share the experience of experimenting, learning and innovating.

More about Bethany and Patrick

We are a two-person team based in the Isle of Man, a beautiful place of nature and culture in the heart of the Irish Sea. 

Both Honours graduates from the University of York's BSc Film and Television Production, we live and breathe film and crammed in as many extra projects as we could alongside our studies. 

Now we've been let loose on the world, we're determined to make our own way.

We've always been fascinated by stories and are now turning this outwards, towards people and companies who want to get their story out there in the most accessible form today: video.

We founded our business with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, unique, and thought-provoking projects in every genre and industry. We take you through every step from start to finish and treat every project like our own. 

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