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As we are spending more and more time indoors, we're sharing a series of articles about creativity in isolation to demonstrate how important the arts are to maintaining good mental wellbeing. We spoke to Jade Boylan who is a current member of the Isle of Man Arts Council. In addition to her role with us, Jade is a professional Artist who runs her own Illustration and Graphic Design business (Candy Doll Club / Jade Boylan Illustration) to worldwide acclaim. 

Q. Tell us who you are and what you’re offering

I’m Jade Boylan a local artist and designer and I’m offering a bunch of free colouring pages as well as a fun colouring competition open worldwide to creatives of all ages.

Q. Why is it important that you are offering this service/product?

As something fun and free to keep children (and adults) occupied even if only for half an hour. Colouring in is proven to be very relaxing and it’s a nice quick way to get creative if you don’t have access to a lot of art/craft materials.

Q. What role do the arts play during a time like this?

At a time like this the arts have never been more important for people’s general wellbeing and mental health. When everything around us is falling apart beyond our control, the arts give us something positive to focus on. So remember that as you read a new book, play video games, watch tv and movies, dance around the living room, listen to music or sort out your colouring pencils, when everything stopped… you turned to the arts.

Q. What are doing to keep yourself sane during self-isolation?

Books, music, coffee, Netflix and snacks! Plus a nice daily walk around the garden for some sunshine and fresh air.

Q. What is your one tip to help people stay motivated to engage with creative activities at the moment?

Definitely more of a tip for the fellow perfectionists out there but don’t be afraid to start a creative project just in case you mess up. It doesn’t have to be good for you to have fun and create something new and right now we need as much creativity and positivity as possible so paint, draw, sew, knit, sing, dance, write, make and create!

Author: Jade Boylan
6th April 2020

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