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Born in the Isle of Man, Anna Clucas is a Fine Artist with a BA (Hons) Ceramics and printmaking. Anna says that she has been very fortunate to always be surrounded by magical landscapes and and quirky storytelling in the Isle of Man. As well as building a long and successful career as a Fine Artist, Anna also facilitates classes at Art Tank, an art space run at the Youth Arts Centre in Douglas, Isle of Man. The classes are directed for young creative people over the age of eight to eighteen and offers a space to let their imaginations shine. We caught up with Anna ahead of Art Tank: Summer of Art 2020. 

Q. What is your background in art? 

I have been a creative soul for as long as I can remember, from working with poster paints and play dough to ceramics, printmaking and oil painting. I studied at the UCM for three years completing a GNVQ, A levels and a foundation course in Art and design. I then continued higher education at the University of Wolverhampton to do a ceramics and printmaking honours degree. It wasn’t until I graduated and was approached by a New York Art Curator in 2002 that my oil paints came back out to play. In 2005 /2006 I was officially launched into the islands art scene having been given a placement as Artist in Residence at the Courtyard Gallery which was then in Tynwald Mills. I have exhibited all over the island and internationally in Copenhagen and Sweden. My Art work also made it to Bristol a few years back for the affordable Art Fair. 

Anna working on her Wallaby Sculpture from last year's Wallabies Gone Wild project with Hospice IOM. This wallaby - named Teeval - was sponsored by the Isle of Man Arts Council.

Q. What is Art Tank and who is it for? 

Art Tank was set up for the younger art community. I set an abundance of different painting, printmaking and sculpture projects for the children to interpret in their individual and unique styles. It isn’t just an art venue, it is also a meet up place for like minded children and young adults to hang out and discuss creative projects together. We run after school clubs on a Tuesday and Thursday term time 4-6 and during the holidays we become a creative hub of art activities.  

Q. You run this club alongside other activities in the Youth Arts Centre on Kensington Road who many will remember as the Douglas School of Art. What is it that you love most about operating in this venue? 

The venue is fantastic for any creative child or adult. The clubs at the centre have professionals from all over the arts. Soundcheck in the basement has fantastic equipment and plenty of skilled musicians that teach a variety of musical instruments. To see the children eventually joining bands and playing live gigs is just staggering. There are theatre and dance rooms, media and technical clubs for the children who would don’t particularly like being on stage but are interested behind the scenes. It’s like a creative Hogwarts!

Art Tank: Class of 2019

Q. The Youth Arts Centre is a place that prides itself on diversity and inclusivity. In what ways do you think art is a good medium to celebrate these themes?

The arts has always been in a position in society to be a venue of freedom. Art is a way of communicating and portraying individual ideas. It is not really defined by set expectations, but by the needs of people with different traits and characteristics who create these unique ideas. We wouldn’t have such a wide range of creative projects if everyone was the same. 

Q. What can we expect to see in this year’s Summer Art Tank Club?

The Summer of Art 2020 is brimming with themed visual arts to sculptures. We have a range of workshops from Harry Potter, Mad Hatters, Modern Contemporary Artist inspired collaborative painting and tunnel book making and many more. The two weeks will be a fantastic arty escape for young artists and creatives. 

Students busy working on a creative project.

Q. What kind of feedback have you received about Art Tank in the past?

The feedback we tend to get is how relaxing the atmosphere is and how calm everyone becomes when absorbed in their art making. A couple of children who have attended Art Tank for a couple of years have grown in confidence and gone on to win art awards. 

Q. What is next for you? 

I am working on a Manx National Heritage project at the moment, I don’t want too give much away, but it will be fab!! 

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Anna keeps the page updated with term time classes as and when they start up again after the holidays. 

Find Out More: Anna Clucas Fine Art

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