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Clara Nathan is a handcraft-jewellery maker with a background in Fine Art. in 2019, Clara set up her own jewellery brand Clarachel alongside her role as a teacher. We caught up with Clara about how lockdown has affected her creatively. 

Q. What is your background in art?

I studied fine art at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne. Whilst studying at Northumbria I was drawn to creating moving image. My final piece at the degree show was a moving image installation. Growing up, I watched a lot of films and being given the time to explore a topic, I began to question the presentation of the ‘female’ character within cinema. My installation aimed to satirise the image of the classic of image of women in the bathroom, by creating my own high quality films (working with some future filmmakers/room mates), I based the films off famous scenes found in Hollywood cinema. These were then made questionable, to the viewer, who was presented with the film by having to look through a mirror. It’s tricky to explain without fully being emerged in the installation… imagine a lot of pink and water sounds.

Q. What inspired you to start up the brand Clarachel?

After completing a PGCE in primary education, I was looking for a creative outlet alongside teaching. The brand came quite naturally, the demand for handcrafted jewellery was there and I felt excited to challenge myself to be a creative and a teacher at the same time.

Q. How would you describe style of the jewellery you make?

This is quite a tricky question because the range of jewellery I make really does vary. I create clay earrings whilst also working in wire wrapping. The brand is constantly evolving, as I strive to learn new techniques. I would definitely say that is is ever-changing. I have enrolled onto a virtual Diploma in Silver at the London School of Jewellery, starting in September. So that’ll bring about further brand transformation.

Q. What kind of feedback have you had for your business during lockdown?

The feedback has been amazing. The Manx community really does root for each other, and I really felt that support!

Q. How did lockdown affect your creativity? Did you find it easier or harder to be creative during this time?

Lockdown, to me, brought only positivity. I understand I am coming from a place of privilege and I am grateful for that. Lockdown enabled me to slow down. I began reading books again, three a week and although I was working as a teacher and tutor each day, I learnt the importance of giving time to what you truly love. For me that is, creating (when I feel like it) and dedicating my time to working with children. I learnt to take the pressure off of myself and take life day by day. 

Q. What has been your experience of being part of the creative community on the Isle of Man?

I feel like a lot of young creatives can agree that coming back to the island can be really quite daunting. However, from my experience there are a lot of creatives, especially young creatives trying to make waves in the community. The Island is evolving. I am from Peel and even the small changes like a cute cafe opening “Roots by the sea” can really make a difference. I feel like I am part of the entrepreneur community and that excites me. Bring on the next year! 

Q. #SistersSupportSisters is a key message in your online presence – tell us more about why this is important to you.

I come from a family of four children and three of us are girls. We were brought up to be incredibly strong willed individuals and this is the message I am presenting to all the women that come across the page. Let’s support one another because what we have to present to the world is beautiful and valid. I am currently spending a lot of time with Georgia from Crumbs Bakery. We recently held a successful open house where we sold jewellery and baked goods. My hope is to network with more like minded women and to encourage the next wave of university graduates to do what they love. 

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