Milntown Estate Gardens

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This year the Milntown Estate, Sulby, Isle of Man opened its doors to the general public on Saturday 18th February 2017.

Since then there has been a flurry of guests through the doors. The house, whilst an amazing accreditation to the past is enhanced by the beautiful gardens which surround the house.

The well-crafted, and beautiful gardens at Milntown have this year been enhanced further by the addition of a series of seven sculptures by Robert Jones, a Ramsey based sculptor who continues to live on the Isle of Man.


The 2017 Garden Season showcases seven carefully executed abstract pieces which have been fashioned and shaped from found materials, mostly metals they mirror the shape and form often found in nature. His main influence came from the ‘working man’ as most of the materials used are industrial in nature. The sculpture known as “Punk” is one of Rob’s better known pieces and has been perfectly positioned nearby the water wheel within the Milntown gardens.

sculpture 1  sculpture 2  sculpture 3

When not at work or with family and friends, Rob spends his spare time looking for materials to create his next masterpiece. His main focus is in looking for items which have ceased to be used for their main purpose, whether it be an axe, a hammer, scythe or plough. He collects steel items from across the island and up-cycles machinery and tools to create beautiful sculptures for all to see. For more information on Milntown Estate.


Rob Jones is a successful sculptor in his own right and his creativity has been aided through the skills that he learnt whilst working for the building industry on the Isle of Man.  It was as a joiner/builder that he first realised that he had a passion for art and traditional crafts.  

Rob has consistently produced high end sculptures since 2011 and continues to gain inspiration from the building industry and from traditional Island life, Obviously Rob continues to receive influence from his artistic family and friends. Rob continues to thank Manx sculptor Michael Sandle RA who has become both a mentor and close friend him for his continued input into Robs sculpting. For more information on Rob Jones and sculptures


Many artists such as Rob Jones who live on the Island consistently produce high-end work which continues to the Culture and diversity of the Island and its infrastructure. The Island continues to produce artists that are internationally successful in their own right and continue to receive international acclaim.  The Isle of Man Arts Council continue in their quest to provide funding to as many artists as possible in order to develop and nurture the Creative Industries, whether it be through the visual arts, performing arts or literature.

Rob Jones is one of the many artists that have been successful in securing funding from the Isle of Man Arts Council.  His first application in 2014 provided funding to create a series of sculptures which formed part of the Isle of Culture celebrations.  He was again successful in securing funding in 2016 to support the Milntown series of sculptures.

For more information on How to apply for funding from the Isle of Man Arts Council:

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