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Yn Draamey is a Youth Theatre Project designed to give young aspiring performers an opportunity to experience first- hand, professionally led theatre at an appropriate but challenging level.

Yn Draamey is pronounced ‘in drama’ and is Manx for ‘the theatre’.

It is the brainchild of Susannah Maybury who has produced children’s shows on the island for many years and Scott le Crass a professional director who brings a wealth of experience and theatre skills to Yn Draamey.

Yn Draamey’s role is to provide a stepping -stone between classroom training and taking to the stage in a semi-professional capacity or moving on to further training. Their experience with Yn Draamey will give young performers valuable experience in working with theatre professionals and learning how the theatre industry works.

Yn Draamey is not affiliated to or in competition with any other Manx performing arts school and aims to give every young performer equal opportunities to audition for -and perform in - carefully chosen productions across a range of genres. All drama practitioners are encouraged to take part; we are grateful for your skills and experience and your input is positively encouraged.

To facilitate a culture of absolute equality we use only professional directors and designers, none of whom have any personal connections with the Isle of Man. As far as we are aware, an ongoing theatre project of this nature has not been available on-island until now.

Our Debut production: ‘The Witches’, by Roald Dahl will be directed by Scott Le Crass, chosen for his outstanding realisation of ‘The Witches’ at Watford Palace Theatre in 2018. Scott’s full cv is available here: https://www.mandy.com/theatre-professional/profile/scott-le-crass.

Assistant Director for this production is Colette Hughes who holds a degree in Contemporary Theatre and has facilitated many youth theatre projects on and off the island.

Each new production initiates its own audition process.

This will ensure a clear and unbiased audition protocol which will give our young performers an unprejudiced assessment of their abilities and talents. There is NO CHARGE for taking part.

What’s in it for Schools?

Yn Draamey appreciates the hard work that performing arts schools and Isle of Man Drama and English teachers on the island invest in training their students. Every student’s school and teacher will be acknowledged and applauded in the programme and advertising materials. Each participating school will be allocated space in the programme to advertise free of charge. We welcome advice and ideas from all Performing Arts Schools, Manx school teachers, parents/carers and students. With your input it is hoped that Yn Draamey will reinforce and amplify theatre training for young Manx people. All production profits go towards the next production. Our primary performance venue is the Gaiety Theatre, Douglas; we will also be staging smaller productions in other venues on and off island.

Our Ethos

ALL auditionees will be offered a chance to be part of the production and an individual assessment will be undertaken to establish how Yn Draamey can best serve each applicant. All auditionees will be offered a role within Yn Draamey. Our mission is to never reject any child, but to help them to develop their theatre skills. Each new production will enable students to grow as a performer, interacting with directors, producers and technicians on a professional level.


For more information please contact:

Email: yndraamey@hotmail.com

Mobile: 07624431380

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