Chris Williamson

Photo by Steve Babb

Chris Williamson represents Culture Vannin on the IoM Arts Council. He joined the board of Culture Vannin as a Member in March 2018 and is one of the three Culture Vannin lay members appointed by Tynwald.

Chris has a strong interest in Manx language, folklore and history and is a supporter of Manx arts as well as being a regular attendee at Manx music events. He is a keen advocate of promoting the Manx language. He fully believes that the promotion of Manx Cultural Identity and the arts can have a positive impact on the Island’s economy, environment and quality of life, and that the promotion of our unique Manx culture and distinctiveness is central to the Island’s image, nationally and internationally.

As Culture Vannin representative on the IoM Arts Council, Chris is particularly involved in the joint formulation of a national development strategy for culture and the arts as well as in the coordination of grant giving.

Prior to returning to live in the Isle of Man in 2018, Chris held a number of wide ranging senior management positions in the IT industry and has worked as a consultant and manager at the CTC Charitable Trust, The UK's National Cyclists' Organisation (now Cycling UK). 

Joined the Arts Council in 2018.

If you'd like to get in touch with Chris, please email with the subject title: Chris Williamson. 

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