Peter Greenhill

Photo by Steve Babb

Peter Greenhill is an international businessman, having lived and worked in the UK, Sweden and Hungary before moving to the Isle of Man in 2013 to take responsibility in the Department of Economic Development for growing the E-gaming and E-business market sectors. He has developed effective and long-lasting relationships with many of the companies and service providers on the Island.
He has held senior management roles in a wide range of businesses, including Banking, IT, Gaming and Consultancy. He currently holds Non-Executive Director positions.

When a young man, Peter had extensive experience in Stage Management, lighting and sound in the theatre, both professionally and on an amateur basis. He has a very strong interest in the theatre, film and music, and also enjoys visual arts and the use of digital animation.

Peter has a true love of the Island, its people and its culture. He has a deep belief in what the Arts can do to help those of any age, and any ability and how all can gain as a person by performing or appreciating the Arts.

Peter holds a BA (Hons) degree in Banking and Finance and is an Associate of the Institute of Bankers.

Joined the Arts Council in 2018

If you'd like to get in touch with Peter, please email with the subject title: Peter Greenhill. 

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